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Most Brutal bost death, ever

2008-04-24 22:11:17 by brassmonker1234

Im serious. I mean you saw it coming. I mean, COME ON! HE IS carrying around 2 mini-chainsaws. TWO THINGS: First off the zombie apocolypse made him insane, and apparently emo two. BECAUSE REMEMBER KIDS FALLING THROUGH CHAINSAWS IS FUN!......Wait what? Oh and second off you gotta show the clown respect, Hes laughing while getting torn apart by 2 chainsaws. Its WTF but still like "wow this guys pretty tough to laugh like this, BUT WTF?"

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2009-06-26 20:58:25

who didnt see that coming :P

brassmonker1234 responds:

Exactly what i was thinking!!